ReUsable Cloth Cleaning Wipes

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Our ReUsables ♻️🌎Multi-Use Cloth Cleaning Wipes are logical in your everyday life!

You can use them:

  • Wet or Dry to clean your hands like napkins
  • Wet to clean your bum
  • Wet or Dry to clean your home 
  • Wet or Dry to clean your car
  • Dry to clean your phone
  • & to clean just about anything

These multi-purpose wipes are made of cotton flannel, so it's soft and sturdy enough to clean any job. Rinse clean and throw it in the washer, dryer, and re-use again.

Colors and patterns will vary. You will have 4 wipes in a random pattern and 8 wipes in random solid colors that resemble the colors in our logo.

Handmade with ❤️

Size 8 inches by 8 inches