Bespoke Creation

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Want Rosalie to create something “Else” Bespoke for you? 

Here you can purchase my creative services!

I sure do love a challenge! 

Submit your deposit towards your Bespoke Creation, and add a brief description at checkout with the idea you have in mind. Then, I will email you to schedule a video consultation to bring this vision to life by styling your creation, discussing fabrics, and selecting specific hardware or accessories if desired. I will then draw it all out to ensure your vision, send it to you and make revisions if needed. I will send a follow up invoice for additional features(if selected).

I will then start bringing your vision meshed with my vision to form. 

Don’t have the money but can Sincerely offer Barter services?

Send my assistant an email to with a detailed description, and let’s see what the universe has in store for us. 

I look forward to working with you🌈✨❤️

Creation time may vary between.